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Feruary 1, 2006: MessyWorks would like to do its first few tapings during the summer months in parks, college campuses, in front of coffee houses, and generally anywhere that's wide open and where we can draw a crowd. But to do so, we need your help more than ever. Make sure to spread the word about us, make a donation, e-mail us about referring cast or crew to us or suggest areas for taping. From these initial tapings, we hope to have some of the skits made available for download for a fee, and the rest being use for our first video/DVD release. Thanks in advance for all of your help and support!

February 8, 2006: We are pleased to announce the formation of our new production company, Pie In The Face Productions. We've also added some new celebrity requests in our celebrity messiness section. Make sure to check it out.

June 2006: We're still looking to be able to film some segments this summer, but it depends on how things go with the availability of funds. Donations and sponsorships would be most welcome right now. We're hoping to do a fund raiser for the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in New York with our NY crew, too. At present, we're taking pictures of as many of our girls as we can get both for individual photos and calendars, plus we want to have more cool stuff in our CafePress store.

October 2006: We are now taking photos of any woman who requests it for individual 8x10s and calendars. The photos and calendars will be part glamour and part pie in the face. All clothes are provided, and you don't have to join MessyWorks to take pictures (although we wouldn't mind if you did!) Please sign our guestbook when you visit.

March 8, 2007: MessyWorks will make their LIVE DEBUT July 27 and 28 at the North Iowa State Fair in Mason City, Iowa. We'll post more details (exact time, exact place) as we get it, so watch this space. We're preparing for the show by taking all sorts of great pictures of our ladies as their natural glamorous selves, and also getting messy. Lots of pies in the face! If you're a woman with a GREAT (and somewhat goofy) sense of humour who doesn't mind getting messy, come get messy in one of our photo sessions. Clothes and a shower provided, and you'll be treated well. We'll also get you a disk of your photos as soon as our photographer gets them prepared. Of course, we hope you'll join our family after doing these photos, but you're more than welcome to just come and get pied, too! If you think you want to get a pie in the face, drop a line to with your name, address and phone number, and we'll call ya back!

UPDATE! Just because the fair is past doesn't mean you still can't come and get a pie in the face! Just click the e-mail above and give us your info. Once we have your photos edited, we'll get you a CD!

Also, if you don't want to get messy, but want to help us out as part of our crew, head to MessyWorks Job Openings. None of the positions would be considered full time, we're more than happy to work around your schedule. As usual, just the ladies need apply. Hope to hear from everyone soon!

July 1, 2007: As promised, the location of the North Iowa State Fair, and our shows are 3400 4th Street SW, Mason City, IA 50401. MessyWorks will appear at the Loafing Shed, so make sure to ask for the location of the shed when you hit the fairgrounds. We'll be doing three shows, the first will be Friday, July 27 at 8:00 PM, and the second and third on Saturday, July 28 at 5:30 and 7:30 PM. Ladies, we may ask you to come up on stage and participate in a skit or two, you never know! If you're interested in joining, simply ask one of our girls, and they will be happy to get you a business card and take down your contact information.

March 1, 2009: We're hoping to tape a full show this summer, but we need YOU to help. How? We're forming our Street Team (check out the recruiting section for details!). We need as many volunteers to help scout out locations, help with sponsors, contribute supplies, run errands, etc. Anything that will help us defray some costs of the full taping. Join up by phoning 847-489-2087 or e-mail with your contact info, and we'll get back to you. If you call, leave a message! We're working on a script, but it should be pretty fun!

January 2010: We're really thrilled that we're getting some attention outside the greater Chicago area, as in other states!! Our new recruits have come from Atlanta and NY, and are working hard to do something in their local area. We're still working hard to get something going on in Chicago, and possibly even Green Bay. We'll tell ya more as we know it, and don't want to say too much.

February 1, 2010: We are really proud to have the most diverse group of performers, from models to actresses, to women not in the entertainment industry, which makes us so proud when one of our own has accomplishments outside of our family. As such, we are so proud to announce that Colleena Corrigan is now a published author, having recently released her debut book, The Demon Cat, a sci-fi/fantasy book with plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading. To order this book, along with a special 20% discount (use coupon code Discount20 when ordering), contact author Colleena Corrigan at Another book is on the way!




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