MessyNews: Where Mud Slinging Takes On New Meaning!

MessyWorks is now proud to unveil our newsletter, called MessyNews!

We are currently looking for a female to act as Director of Publications! See below for more info!

Each issue will contain:

  • Event news
  • Announcements
  • A fans section (where our fans get the chance to have their submissions added).
  • A guest columnist section (one of our girls will have the opportunity to talk about whatever she wishes).
  • A Girl of the Month section (where we profile one girl and include her photo so you get a chance to get to know our girls).
  • Contests!
  • Fun!
  • MORE!
  • We have reprinted the first newsletter below so you can get a feel for what we are all about. We offer a fans section, event news, and a chance for everyone to get to know the girls.

    We always welcome your comments! Submissions of stories, photos, etc. are also welcome. Send them to:

    c/o MessyWorks
    P.O. Box 2746
    Chicago, IL 60690-2746
    (847) 489-2087


    MessyWorks Staff

    Newsletter compiled & edited by:


    Download our first issue here (Requires Microsoft Publisher). If you don't have Microsoft Publisher, you can download a PDF version here.

    Check out our second issue of the newly revamped MessyNews at the following link: MessyNews Vol. 2 No.1



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