It takes a special kind of woman to be a MessyWorks MessyPhotoGirl. First off, you need to be as outgoing behind the camera as our girls are in front of it. You need to be able to capture each girl's personality on film, and make them seem natural and not forced. You need to have the "eye" to pick out the best shots for each girl. You need to be unafraid of getting right in the middle of things in order to get that one special shot. You can't be afraid to get splattered. You also need to make these girls comfortable in front of the camera for candid shots, and unaware you are there for action shots.

It takes all of this and more to be a MessyWorks MessyPhotoGirl for us. In this section, we will have all of the photographs taken by our various MessyWorks MessyPhotoGirls. All of these pictures will be available for purchase, but more importantly, we encourage you to check out the individual websites of these lovely ladies, and please consider them for your next photography assignment, no matter how big or small. Your support of them and their work is a support of MessyWorks and what we do.

You can also support them by purchasing their photos below.

Do you think YOU have what it takes to be a MessyWorks%20MessyPhotoGirl? If you think you do, call us at or 847-489-2087 or e-mail us at or, and include your name, address and phone number, along with any relevant experience and samples you have, and we will contact you to arrange for an interview.

If you send us some samples, please try to send something that shows your creativity and talent. If all your portfolio consists of is staged wedding shots, that's not really anything that is going to impress us much. We don't mind if you're new to photography, but we want to see something that makes your photos stand out.

Links to these ladies' websites are in our links section.

Jessi Tetzloff

Coming soon!

Tiffany Kirtley-Boone (KY)
(photos by Tiffany coming soon!)

Photos from the North Iowa State Fair
Mason City, IA
July 27-28 2007

Coming soon!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2, Show 2

Below each person's name are some thumbnails of our available photos from them. We hope to have more photos available soon.

8x10 photos are $12 and are available by e-mailing with the photo number and quantity desired, plus $4 shipping for up to 5 photos. You may pay via credit card, personal check, or money order, made out to Shadow Fire Promotions (our parent company). Don't forget to include a shipping address, name, and telephone number where you can be reached in case there is a problem.



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