This page will have all of our available videos and DVDs. We also hope to have "teaser" clips from all of our available videos, and fully downloadable skits on a pay-per-download streaming basis.

While you wait, check out our OFFICIAL YouTube channel at for teasers and previews of our releases. Most of what you see will end up on our releases as extras.

To order videos, please email with the video code of the item you are ordering. For each video, please send $20, plus $4 shipping per tape to Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc. (our parent company). We accept credit cards, personal checks, and money orders. We can also take online payments, as shown on the front page. Please insure you send us your name, shipping address, and phone number so we may call you in case there are any problems.

Anne & Ashlee are roommates and best friends, with a goofy sense of humor.
So when Anne went to shower, Ashlee decided it would be time for some fun.

Video code: MW-1

VHS only

Nicole and Rhiannon Wells star in four sketches written by Rhiannon Wells:
"Door To Door"; "Bubblegum Kids"; "What Would You Do?"; & "Neighbors".

Video code: MW-2 (DVD)

Anne Remy
MessyWorks' EXCLUSIVE interview with the nefarious Cream Pie Maniac.
Plus, a documentary interview of Marie Carollo and an infomercial for Creme de Leux makeup!

Download only.

Our 1st Annual Halloween Spook-tacular.
Skits include "Psycho"; "The Ring"; "The Shining", "Pregnant Pie" & "Birthday".
Plus more with the Cream Pie Maniac!




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