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Obviously, recruiting is the lifeblood of our organization. As it says on our recruiting flyers, without YOU, there is no MessyWorks.

MessyWorks does a lot of recruiting using girls who are already members, but that doesn't mean you can't help our growth by aiding in recruiting as a fan or supporter. We welcome any and all help with recruiting. It only helps us out, enabling us to make a better show.

The greatest compliment you can give to us is sending someone else our way. Are you a member? Bring in a friend. It's always the most fun to work with people you already know, especially in something like MessyWorks. Not a member yet? If you know someone who might be interested, bring her down with you! There is no greater compliment that we can receive than having you bring another woman to us.

Are you interested in helping us recruit? Contact us at 847-489-2087 or e-mail us at or, or even ask one of our girls if you see them on how you can help us out. Don't be shy! You'll find our girls are very helpful and friendly and would enjoy sitting down with you at a local coffee shop that is convenient for everyone involved to discuss how you can be part of our "street team".

Remember, there is a place for nearly everyone in our organization. You can take a spot in front of our behind the camera (check out our jobs section for more details), and for the girls involved, feel free to have your husbands, boyfriends or other guy friends help out by being part of our security and setup crew. Due to the nature of our show, we request that all males be referred and recommended by the girls involved in our show.

Not interested in being an active part of our extended family, but interested in coming out to see our shows, receiving notification of site upgrades and events, or helping to sponsor us? Join our fans group, which entitles you to all of the above and you don't even need to give us your personal information!

MessyWorks Brand Ambassador

Are you an outgoing woman with a great personality and a gift of gab? Love dressing up, meeting and talking to people? You might be the kind of woman we need as a Brand Ambassador! A MessyWorks Brand Ambassador is a well-spoken and well dressed woman who can go and spread the good word about our brand! You won't need to get messy (we sure wouldn't mind if you did!), but your work would primarily entail public relations. Interested? E-mail with your name, address and phone number, and a little bit about why being a Brand Ambassador appeals to you. You can also phone us at 847-489-2087 and talk to someone about being a Brand Ambassador!

We look forward to working with you!

MessyWorks Street Team

Are you a guy that wants to help support MessyWorks? How about a woman who doesn't quite feel comfortable in front of the camera, but doesn't quite feel like there is a place on our production crew, Pie In the Face Productions, for you? Do you live in an area where MessyWorks has not yet been able to recruit, but still want to help? Join the MessyWorks Street Team.

The MessyWorks Street Team is a group of volunteers from across the U.S. and Canada whose purpose is to spread the word (as well as the mess!) about MessyWorks--who we are, the fun we are having and the positive message we are sending about women. It is through the efforts of our Street Team that we are able to continue to grow.

Where can you go promote? Pretty much anywhere you'll find women. MessyWorks doesn't discriminate against women because of size or looks, so as long as there are open minded women who don't mind getting messy and having a lot of fun with other women, you'll probably find good recruits!

Some suggestions of places to look for potential recruits might be the local college campus, dance clubs/night clubs where the local people come to hang out, or maybe even Hooters! Hey, a girl's gotta have some fun, right? We'll even be happy to talk to you about how to approach women with the concept of MessyWorks, and what to say and also what not to say. We have several flyer styles from the various women involved, and if you're an artistic type, you can feel free to create your own flyer style (although we do reserve the right to approve of any design prior to it being used, and aggressively protect our trademarks and copyrights if we discover unapproved designs.).

You can also help us out by talking to potential sponsors, and scouting out locations where our shows can be held. Tell them what we're about, and what kind of supplies we would need. Once they're interested, then you can point them back to here and we'll discuss the details with them. We just need your help to go out and find all these interested sponsors!

Our Street Team is currently seeking ladies in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, New York and Atlanta!

If you think that being part of the MessyWorks Street Team is for you, then drop us a line at with your name, address and phone number, and a little bit about why being part of our Street Team appeals to you. You can also phone us at 847-774-8257 or 847-489-2087 and talk to someone about being part of our Street Team. Right now, we're just looking for ladies, but guys, we may have something soon for you, so keep checking back!



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