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Are you a woman interested in MessyWorks, but not quite comfortable being in front of the camera or getting messy? Think that there is not a place in MessyWorks for women like you?

If the above describes you, MessyWorks is here to assure you that there IS a place for you even if you don't want to be on camera. Like any production, be it stage or screen, the performers are only one part of the whole. There are plenty of openings for women who are interested in being a part of MessyWorks without appearing in front of the camera in Pie In The Face Productions.

Pie In The Face Productions is the Official Production Company of MessyWorks, and all crew members in MessyWorks would be assigned to work with PITFP.

Of course, just because you don't HAVE to get messy to do these jobs doesn't mean you CAN'T! If you want to do your job AND appear on camera occasionally, feel free to mention it! We're considering making a video of just our crew members participating in some messyfun!

Here are a few available openings behind the camera in MessyWorks, along with a brief description of some of the responsibilities under the job, but check back often, because as we grow we are always looking to add personnel. As with the rest of MessyWorks, you don't have to be in Chicago to be part of our family and we request that only women apply for these positions.

  • Brand Ambassador

  • -Public appearances to spread goodwill and promote the MessyWorks brand.

  • Director of Public Relations

  • -Coordinates with Director of Publications for new press releases
    -New opportunities for promotion and publicity
    -New opportunities for sponsorship

  • Newsletter Crew

  • -Assists Director of Publications in editing, compiling, publishing MessyNews newsletter.

  • Director of Logistics

  • -Scout potential new venues and coordinate with them to get our show featured.

  • Production Crew

  • -Assists in all facets of production to include coordination of talent and crew, scouting of venue, and miscellaneous other associated projects.

  • Director of New Media

  • -Audio/video clips on website

    -Creation of videos and DVDs of our shows for public release, knowledge of computer media editing a must

    -Layout of photobooks and other photography projects

  • Director of Videography

  • -Cordinates with other video camera operators in production of live shows
    -Initial compilation, formatting and editing of all raw video footage from live shows for video/DVD release. Works with Director of New Media.
    -Insures all media is programmed with CopyGuard protection.
    -Video camera crew.

  • Director of Merchandising

  • -New opportunities for merchandising

  • Director of Costuming

  • -Coordinates with women to insure all women have their sizes recorded
    -Seeks out wholesale fabric sources
    -Seamstress duties in making outfits, and coordinates with other seamstresses.
    -Helps the girls undress after showering
    -Care for all of the clothes, to maximize their useful life to us.

  • Travel Agent

  • -Independent travel agent to assist in all facets of MessyWorks on the road

  • Runners

  • -Works directly with the Stage Manager to make sure all the girls are ready to go out for their segment

  • Street Team

  • -Helps scout locations for filming, assists in securing sponsors. Assists in recruiting

  • Hairstylist

  • "Messy Mom"

  • -"Mother figure" to the girls. Participates in all skits. Available to discuss any problems that arise with the girls involved in the show. The shoulder to cry on for our girls. Preference should be someone who is already a mother, and older than the average age of the participating girls. Someone who is considered "everyone's mom" Definitely a leadership position, this is more of a selection than an application from existing women, but the woman who would want to be the Messy Mom should be a take charge individual who encourages activities that further the family relationship with our girls.

  • Legal Assistant

  • -Insures all merchandise is properly registered with copyright and trademark office.
    -Insures any unauthorized/bootleg merchandise is stopped from further distribution, assist in prosecution, where needed.

  • Administrative Assistant

  • -Insures everyone is kept current with Yahoo groups
    -Makes phone calls to collect schedules for show availability
    -Calls inactive members to encourage them be more active within the company
    -General administrative help as needed

    All of these positions would include recruiting a team to assist you, as needed. Many of these positions would travel with us.

    Questions? Let us know! e-mail us!



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