Sponsorships are how MessyWorks defrays the costs associated with our shows.

As with any production, expenses can add up quickly. Besides the cast and crew, there are the considerations of advertising and the supplies needed, such as pies, mud, slime, etc. Further, since we use only real pies in our shows for a great look on film, it presents the unique situation of being the most expensive element of our shows, but also the easiest stunts to perform live (pies tend to be a lot more portable than trying to haul wrestling rings places, especially for our early outings!) Then, of course, the laundry and the costs of washing our clothes after shows!

People who are subscribed to our fans group might think they are a sponsor by virtue of being a fan, but there is a difference between being a supporter and being a sponsor. While we appreciate each and every one of our fans who visits our site, spreads the word about us, comes to our shows, buys our merchandise, etc., without our sponsors, there would be no show for our fans.

Our sponsors can come in many forms. For example, if you are a small bakery that would like to help us out by providing us with the pies used in our skits, we would certainly want to propose a strategic alliance that would suit the both of our needs. The same for any pottery-type place that could sell us clay mud; a laundromat that can help us out cleaning the clothing used on camera, so that we can keep our clothes better longer; maybe someone who would want to help make pies for our shows; clothing stores to give us nice clothes to get messy on camera with; printers to help us with flyers and programs; photography stores to aid our photographers in getting the paper and film for our prints; or even universities who can provide us with facilities to produce and edit our videos/DVDs, or help screen interested participants.

As you can tell, there are a lot of ways to help us out and be a sponsor. All of our sponsors would receive mention at our shows since, as we mentioned, without our sponsors' help, we would be unable to put on our shows.

There are probably at least a dozen more ways that a business or individual could enter into a partnership to sponsor MessyWorks and our shows, far more ways than we could list here on our website. If you have any suggestions for sponsorships, feel free to contact us at messyworks@sfpincchicago.com or gdennis@sfpincchicago.com. Keep in mind, if you would like to suggest or recommend a sponsorship to us, please give us as much information as you can about the potential sponsor, and most importantly, please check with them first to see if they would have any interest in potentially sponsoring us. We're not looking for just names out of a phonebook.

Are you someone who would have an interest in sponsoring us or hosting a show? Please check out our sponsorship information here. Thank you!



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