Womens' Charitable Causes

MessyWorks is obviously about women. It's a female-centric organization. As such, MessyWorks is very interested in causes that are about women. MessyWorks is interested in performing shows that help to raise funds for several women's charities.

In this section, MessyWorks will have links to the causes we support, and will have special photos and videos of our charity events where a portion of our proceeds will go to whatever charitable cause the particular event initially supported.

MessyWorks seeks to use our theme of messyfun for women to help support causes that affect women by having MessyWorks themed events for charity, where women can sign up and participate in one of our messy events for a donation to the cause that the event supports.

However, in order to do that, we need your help. Join our team as a fan and spread the word about us. Get more women involved, from all over. The more women we have involved, the more chances we can have to promote events. Support us by making a donation to the company to help us with our expenses. E-mail us with your ideas and suggestions. It is because of your support that we are able to exist. Help us to help others.



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