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A frequent criticism of messyfun in general and MessyWorks in particular is that this kind of comedy is "juvenile" or somehow "demeaning". While there is no doubt that our brand of comedy is silly and goofy, we feel that the women who enjoy it are in on the joke, so to speak. For those who are not "in on the joke", we seek to hopefully continue to open some eyes in this section by displaying the companion page to our Celebrity Messiness page by having small video clips of popular actresses who have enjoyed messyfun on camera. We've identified these lovely ladies by their name and the show they appeared on when getting messy. As with the pictures on the preceeding page, they are all copyright of the original owners (presumably the studios), and are displayed for educational/entertainment purposes.

With video clips, it better shows exactly what happened to the actress, and some of these clips serve as companion pieces to the pictures.

It remains our opinion that if these popular celebrity actresses can enjoy a little messyfun and act silly and goofy and have it taped and broadcast to millions through film, television and now the Internet, and preserved forever, then there can't be much harm in our ladies doing the same.

If you have any video clips or pictures of female celebrities getting wet or messy, any images that are a better resolution or size than what we currently have displayed, or if you have any additional information on any of our pictures, please send them to us at Please try to identify the actress and what program she appeared in when getting messy. Thanks!

Alanis Morissette slimed on Nickelodeon's "You Can't Do That On Television". Alanis Morissette in a pie fight on the set of her music video "You Learn".
The Three's Company cast in a pie fight. Joan Rivers is pied on her talk show by actress Connie Sellecca.
WWE wrestler The Rock interviewing prospective "Divas" by having them participate in a pie eating contest on WWE RAW. More videos coming soon.

We don't have videos of these yet, but we'd like to! If you can get videos of the following messy scenes, please send them to us at

  • The Man Show Juggy Dancers pie fighting.
  • Pie fight from the film "The Nutt House" with Amy Yasbeck.
  • Amy Yasbeck food fight from the film "Problem Child 2".
  • MTV VJ Idalis being pied on MTV.
  • Cher pieing herself on her 70s variety show.
  • Eight is Enough cast food fight in the episode "War of the Bradfords".
  • Queen Latifah being slimed at the Kids Choice Awards.
  • Any video from where the picture on the previous page are derived from.

  • MessyWorks encourages female celebrities to come out to our shows, get a little messy with our girls and have your video added to here!



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