MessyWorks is a fully owned subsidiary of Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc. in Chicago IL. Originally formed in Canada, SFP Inc. brought the concept to the U.S. with its original founder. Although the original founder has now retired from MessyWorks, she remains a consultant and an important part of our team.

MessyWorks features women who perform for an audience and videotape participating in sketch/slapstick messy comedy routines similar to such classics as Benny Hill, Monty Python, Three Stooges, I Love Lucy, Mad TV or Saturday Night Live, combined with modern TV comedy routines based on themes seen on the cable channel Nickelodeon and utilizing soap opera-style storylines in order to set the skits up, and provide for a continuing show. These skits involve such things as mud wrestling, pie fights, mud volleyball, pudding wrestling, etc, in a silly, comedic fashion.

It's just good clean fun...well, maybe not clean fun! We'll call it messyfun!

MessyWorks is a phenomenon in the world of sports and entertainment. Nowhere has this concept been done before on this kind of scale. Sure, you have probably seen movies where an actress gets a pie in the face. Many of the stills from these movies are featured in our "Celebrity Messiness" section. Many of the famous TV shows mentioned above made a pie in the face a staple of their routine. However, we want to take our production one step above these comedy routines by a combination of things.

One of the most frequent questions we get is why women. We only feature women in our shows as a way for women to break a few stereotypes about their gender, namely that beautiful women are "stuck up" or afraid to be seen unless everything is perfect. Our girls seek to shatter that myth once and for all, showing that a woman's true beauty is not in her looks, and that a woman can have a good time getting messy!

Next, we do LIVE shows. That's right, we are 100% live! No re-takes, no studio post-production, we are live! We seek to capture the spontaneous fun that these events produce, and doing retakes because someone didn't say something they should have, or didn't look right into the camera takes away from the fun of these events. We also don't want things to look "too prepared" or too scripted, because that also takes away from the fun and entertainment value of our shows.

Even though our ladies are getting messy, we still want them to look good while doing it! Any kind of messiness is a visual form of entertainment, which is why it translates out so well to TV. As messyfun is a visual form of entertainment, we like to make sure our ladies are dressed nicely to get messy! There's no fun in someone getting messy in an old t-shirt and jeans! But there is a lot of fun in a lady getting a pie in her face while wearing a black velvet dress, or being pulled into a mud wrestling ring wearing white. We strive to have clothes where our audience would say, "she's not going to get THAT messy, is she?"

That's what we're all about...a lot of ladies having fun, and showing that being feminine and attractive is more than just how you look or dress...and always remember that in the spirit of MessyWorks, "Beauty Is In The Eye of the Pieholder!"



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